Review of Jackpot Ultra Online Slots

Review of Jackpot Ultra Online Slots

With Jackpot Ultra by BetSoft, relive the glory days of traditional slot machines and discover how to win money at your favorite casino the old-fashioned manner. Jackpot Ultra, like many slots from Betsoft’s early days, offers a nostalgic gaming experience with flashing lights and fruit symbols that can be enjoyed on any Flash-enabled gaming device. This game, which has twin 3-reel screens and 5 active paylines, may award up to 5,000 coins every round when played for real money, minus the extra prize.

Jackpot Ultra, like the games that inspired it, is packed with a variety of features seen on ancient mechanical slot machines, such as a double-up game and a supermeter feature that gives nudge functions and a progressive jackpot award. Read our comprehensive Jackpot Ultra review to learn more about the game’s bonuses, prizes, and betting restrictions.

How to Play the Online Slot Jackpot Ultra

The Jackpot Ultra slot machine may seem more complicated than a modern slot machine, but it is really extremely easy to play. Click the coin control shown by the arrow on the screen to choose your desired coin size, and then choose the quantity of coins you want to wager each round. You may wager between 2 and 10 coins every round and pay between 0.04 and 10 credits each time the spin button is pressed. The more your wager, the more paylines you will have access to.

The paylines of the slot machine are constantly visible on the reels you are using, as are the symbols and rewards that flash regularly on the top of the machine. All symbols are conventional fruit machine iconography, such as cherries and bells, and their payouts are multiplied by the coin size you chose. There is a minimum payment of 20 coins, however it is possible to win 1,000 coins every sequence. This figure multiplied by the number of paylines yields a basic jackpot of 5,000 coins, but only if the bottom screen is played. However, if you spend your coins on the bonus supermeter, you will also have a chance to win the progressive jackpot.

Unfortunately, gamers who want to utilize Android or iOS mobile devices to play real money online slots cannot win the Jackpot Ultra awards. As one of the few BetSoft slot machines that hasn’t been updated to HTML5, this game can only be played on Flash-enabled devices.

Features of Jackpot Ultra and Free Spins

To win some of the flashing bonuses, three matching symbols must appear on an active payline. Depending on the amount of paylines you’ve enabled, you may win between one and five distinct rewards every play. Similar to the majority of fruit machines, the most lucrative symbols to collect in this game are the bells, oranges, and sevens, which provide payouts ranging from 100 to 1,000 coins.

Check out the supermeter option if you wish to increase your winnings while playing for real money. This feature provides an additional 3-reel screen with nudge capabilities and an unique jackpot reward. You must wait for a winning combination to show on the bottom screen in order to access the function. One it happens, just hit the spin button once again to invest your winnings on the supermeter screen. For a cost of 20 coins, you get one spin with a single “nudge” that will assist you win a reward by moving one chosen symbol on any reel. Bet 40 or 60 coins, and you will get two or three nudges every spin. In addition, if three joker symbols appear on a payline on this screen, you will win the progressive jackpot!

You may collect the money instead of investing it in the supermeter, or you can attempt to double it using the built-in gamble tool. To do so, push the heads or tails button adjacent to the bet control, and the slot machine will flip a coin. Depending on the result of the coin flip and your prediction, your reward will either be doubled or lost totally.

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